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Able Seaman Kenneth Palmer and his wife. HMS Franklin

Having surfed the net recently I came upon my old ship H.M.S. Franklin  which I served on during my National Service  between 23rd Jan 1948 to 21st August 1949 as an A/B  CJX 827634.
As a National serviceman at the time it is interesting to note that I was very lucky to be  a sea going member of Her Majesty's Navy as most joining when I did were confined to shore based establishments.
Among crew members I noticed a name of K Bostock, a S/A  which I seem to remember and the ship's Captain was P. Connell  as far as I can make out on my release papers
Our duties at the time  was of course survey work in the Goodwin Sands  area and were based at Sheerness. It was during this time that I got married , and now coming up to my 58th wedding anniversary and  another crew man, Able Seaman  Ronald Mackinnon (not sure of the spelling) was my best man, all I know of this gentleman was he lived in the Scottish Highlands. I would like to contact Ronald. If it is of any use finding Ronald, I do believe he was champion boxer of the Home Fleet at the time, I know this as he used to use me as his sparring partner when we were on breaks at sea, giving me a hard time if I ever managed to get one in as it were.
......memories are flooding back on my time aboard H.M.S. Franklin.

I have a photo of a number of crew men dressed as pirates, entertaining a load of children on board at Christmas.

Crew of HMS Franklin Xmas 1948. Children's party - dressed as pirates

Crew of HMS Franklin Xmas 1948. Children's party - dressed as piratesHMS Franklin. Wife of AB Ken Palmer



I also have one of my charming wife sitting sitting on a well scrubbed wooden capstan cover on the upper deck.




 ......so many memories have come back which might cause a chuckle or two.

My duties on board were assisting in the stores issuing all the grub to each mess for meals etc, as you know  each mess prepared their meals and was duly cooked in the galley  by the ships cook, on one occasion the cook was taken ill and taken ashore and a volunteer was asked to do the necessary, you guessed it, me.

On this occasion I issued tins of corned beef, potatoes, pussers peas and onions and then cooked the finest shepherds pie for the entire ship's company that got me compliments from the skipper downwards, not only that, they wanted me to remain cook for the rest of my service, together with my other duties as "Tanky " ( Rum Bosun ), I had to decline.

March 2007

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